Higgs production in neutralino decays in the MSSM

  title={Higgs production in neutralino decays in the MSSM},
  author={Alexandre Arbey and Marco Battaglia and Farvah Mahmoudi},
  journal={The European Physical Journal C},
The search for the production of weakly interacting SUSY particles at the LHC is crucial for testing supersymmetry in relation to dark matter. Decays of neutralinos into Higgs bosons occur over some significant part of the SUSY parameter space and represent the most important source of $$h$$h boson production in SUSY decay chains in the MSSM. We study $$h$$h production in neutralino decays using scans of the phenomenological MSSM. Whilst in constrained MSSM scenarios the decay $$\tilde{\chi… CONTINUE READING
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