Higgs chameleon

  title={Higgs chameleon},
  author={Rong-gen Cai and Shao-Jiang Wang},
  journal={arXiv: High Energy Physics - Phenomenology},
The existing constraints from particle colliders reveal a suspicious but nonlethal meta-stability for our current electroweak vacuum of Higgs potential in the standard model of particle physics, which is, however, disfavored in the early Universe if the inflationary Hubble scale is larger than the instability scale when Higgs quartic self-coupling runs into negative value. Alternative to previous trials of acquiring a positive effective mass-squared from Higgs quadratic couplings to Ricci… 

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  • J. Espinosa
  • Physics
    Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences
  • 2018
The Standard Model electroweak (EW) vacuum, in the absence of new physics below the Planck scale, lies very close to the boundary between stability and metastability, with the last option being the