Higgs boson mass and electroweak observables in the MRSSM

  title={Higgs boson mass and electroweak observables in the MRSSM},
  author={Philip Diessner and Jan Kalinowski and Wojciech Kotlarski and Dominik St{\"o}ckinger},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
A bstractR-symmetry is a fundamental symmetry which can solve the SUSY flavor problem and relax the search limits on SUSY masses. Here we provide a complete next-to- leading order computation and discussion of the lightest Higgs boson mass, the W boson mass and muon decay in the minimal R-symmetric SUSY model (MRSSM). This model contains non-MSSM particles including a Higgs triplet, Dirac gauginos and higgsinos, and leads to significant new tree-level and one-loop contributions to these… 
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