Higgs Decay to Order \alpha_s^4

  title={Higgs Decay to Order \alpha\_s^4},
  author={K. Chetyrkin and Bernd A. Kniehl and Matthias Steinhauser},
  journal={Physical Review Letters},
We present in analytic form the three-loop O(\alpha_s^2) correction to the H -> gg partial width of the standard-model Higgs boson with intermediate mass M_H << 2 M_t. Its knowledge is required because the O(\alpha_s) correction is so sizeable that the theoretical prediction to this order is unlikely to be reliable. For M_H=100 GeV, the resulting QCD correction factor reads $1+(215/12)\alpha_s^{(5)}(M_H)/\pi+150.419 (\alpha_s^{(5)}(M_H)/\pi)^2 \approx 1+0.66+0.21$. The new three-loop correction… Expand
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