Hierarchization of myogenic and adipogenic progenitors within human skeletal muscle.

  title={Hierarchization of myogenic and adipogenic progenitors within human skeletal muscle.},
  author={Didier F Pisani and No{\'e}mie Clement and Agn{\`e}s Loubat and Magali Plaisant and Sabrina Sacconi and Jean-Yves Kurzenne and Claude Desnuelle and Christian Dani and Claude A. Dechesne},
  journal={Stem cells},
  volume={28 12},
Skeletal muscle cells constitute a heterogeneous population that maintains muscle integrity through a high myogenic regenerative capacity. More unexpectedly, this population is also endowed with an adipogenic potential, even in humans, and intramuscular adipocytes have been found to be present in several disorders. We tested the distribution of myogenic and adipogenic commitments in human muscle-derived cells to decipher the cellular basis of the myoadipogenic balance. Clonal analysis showed… CONTINUE READING
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