Hierarchical whisker-on-sheet NiCoP with adjustable surface structure for efficient hydrogen evolution reaction.

  title={Hierarchical whisker-on-sheet NiCoP with adjustable surface structure for efficient hydrogen evolution reaction.},
  author={Zhicheng Cai and A. Wu and Haijing Yan and Yinglu Xiao and Congfang Chen and Chungui Tian and L. Wang and Ruihong Wang and H. Fu},
  volume={10 16},
We have reported the synthesis of hierarchical whisker-on-sheet (HWS) NiCoP anchored on Ni foam with adjustable surface structure for efficient hydrogen evolution reaction (HER). The HWS NiCoP was obtained by controllable phosphidation of HWS Ni-Co-carbonates hydroxide precursor grown on Ni foam (NF). The experimental parameters were optimally tuned to understand the formation process of the precursor and to regulate the microstructure of the materials. The test results indicated that the HWS… Expand
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