Hierarchical structure and local contexts1


We use antecedent-final conditionals to formulate a challenge to parsing-based theories of local contexts, and associated theories of presupposition projection and triviality, like the one given in Schlenker 2009. We show that a theory like Schlenker’s predicts that the local context for the antecedent of an antecedent-final conditional will entail the… (More)


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@inproceedings{Romoli2017HierarchicalSA, title={Hierarchical structure and local contexts1}, author={Jacopo Romoli and Matthew Mandelkern and Woojin Chung and Danny Fox and Thony Gillies and Clemens Mayr and Eliot Michaelson and Daniel Rothschild and Philippe Schlenker and Florian Schwarz and Benjamin Spector}, year={2017} }