Hierarchical Job Scheduling for Clusters of Workstations

  title={Hierarchical Job Scheduling for Clusters of Workstations},
  author={J. Santoso and G. Dick van Albada and B. A. A. Nazief and Peter M. A. Sloot},
1 In this paper we studyhierarchical job scheduling strategies for clusters of workstations. Our approach usestwo-level scheduling: global scheduling and local scheduling. The local scheduler refines the schedulingdecisionsmadeby the global scheduler, takinginto accountthemostrecentinformation. In previouswork, we explored the First ComeFirst Served(FCFS),theShortestJob First (SJF),and the First Fit (FF) policies at the global level. Now, we will applyall threepoliciesbothat theglobalandthe… CONTINUE READING
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