Hierarchical Directory-Based Shared Memory Architecture


We describe the design of a directory-based shared memory architecture on a hierarchical network of hypercubes. The distributed directory scheme comprises two separate hierarchical networks for handling cache requests and transfers. Further, the scheme assumes a single address space and each processing element views the entire network as contiguous memory space. The size of individual directories stored at each node of the network remains constant throughout the network. Although the size of the directory increases with the network size, the architecture is scalable. The results of the analytical studies demonstrate superior performance characteristics of our scheme compared with those of other schemes.

DOI: 10.1093/comjnl/38.3.207

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@article{Kumar1995HierarchicalDS, title={Hierarchical Directory-Based Shared Memory Architecture}, author={Mohan Kumar and Svetha Venkatesh and Dorota H. Kieronska and Lalit M. Patnaik}, journal={Comput. J.}, year={1995}, volume={38}, pages={207-216} }