Hierarchical Density-Based Clustering of White Matter Tracts in the Human Brain

  title={Hierarchical Density-Based Clustering of White Matter Tracts in the Human Brain},
  author={Junming Shao and Klaus Hahn and Qinli Yang and Afra M. Wohlschl{\"a}ger and Christian B{\"o}hm and Nicholas Myers and Claudia Plant},
Diffusion tensor magnetic resonance imaging (DTI) provides a promising way of estimating the neural fiber pathways in the human brain non-invasively via white matter tractography. However, it is difficult to analyze the vast number of resulting tracts quantitatively. Automatic tract clustering would be useful for the neuroscience community, as it can contribute to accurate neurosurgical planning, tract-based analysis, or white matter atlas creation. In this paper, the authors propose a new… CONTINUE READING
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