Hierarchical Clustering of Words

  title={Hierarchical Clustering of Words},
  author={Akira Ushioda},
This plq)er (lescril)es a (hit i~-(triven nlet, hod for hiera, rchicM chlster ing of words ill whici i a, la, rge vo(:aJ)ul~ry of I,;ii. glis]'l words is (:histered botl;oln--uf) > with resl)e(:t 1,o (:orpor;~ ranghig in size fi'otn 5 to 50 nlillion wor(ts, using a greedy al gor i thm that I;ries I,o nl in i lu ize i~veri~ge lOS8 Of liCllltllal iriforuu:l,l, ion of a, djax:ent classes. The result ing hierar('.hi('al (:illStiers of woMs are then tumirMly 1,ransrorlned to a bi t -s t r ing… CONTINUE READING

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