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Hidden sectors and a multi-temperature universe

  title={Hidden sectors and a multi-temperature universe},
  author={Amin Aboubrahim and Wan-Zhe Feng and Pran Nath and Zhu-Yao Wang},
A variety of supergravity and string based models contain hidden sectors which can play a role in particle physics phenomena and in cosmology. In this note we discuss the possibility that the visible sector and the hidden sectors in general live in different heat baths. Further, it is entirely possible that dark matter resides partially or wholly in hidden sectors in the form of dark Dirac fermions, dark neutralinos or dark photons. A proper analysis of dark matter and of dark forces in this… 

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Seit einigen Jahren geistert ein Begriff durch die verkehrspolitische Diskussion und produziert vor allem Blockaden und Unverständnis: Mobility Pricing. Interessanterweise erfolgen die


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