Hidden fumonisin in corn flakes.

  title={Hidden fumonisin in corn flakes.},
  author={Eun-Kyung Kim and P M Scott and Benjamin P-Y Lau},
  journal={Food additives and contaminants},
  volume={20 2},
Twenty-five samples of retail corn flakes (from 15 lots) were analysed for fumonisin B(1) (FB(1)) and fumonisin B(2) (FB(2)). They were detected in 22 and 12 samples, respectively, at respective mean concentrations 68 and 8 ng g(-1). Samples were extracted with methanol-acetonitrile-water (25:25:50) and there was an excellent correlation for FB(1) between results obtained with C(18) clean-up and those obtained with the immunoaffinity column (IAC) clean-up. After extraction of the corn flakes… CONTINUE READING
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