Hidden Markov model for inferring user task using mouse movement


The assistive technology and e-learning have been widely used to improve web accessibility for disabled users. One of the issues of online web-based applications is to understand how a user interacts with online application and the strategy by which he reasons to perform a given activity. Know what the web user is doing can provide useful clues to better understand his behavior in order to guide him in his interaction process. This study proposes a methodology to analyze user mouse movement in order to infer the task performed by the user. To do this, a Hidden Markov Model is used for modeling the interaction of the learner with an e-learning application. The obtained results show the ability of our model to analyze the interaction in order to recognize the task performed by the learner.

DOI: 10.1109/ICTA.2013.6815305

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@article{Elbahi2013HiddenMM, title={Hidden Markov model for inferring user task using mouse movement}, author={Anis Elbahi and Mohamed Ali Mahjoub and Mohamed Nazih Omri}, journal={Fourth International Conference on Information and Communication Technology and Accessibility (ICTA)}, year={2013}, pages={1-7} }