Hidden Markov analysis of mechanosensitive ion channel gating.

  title={Hidden Markov analysis of mechanosensitive ion channel gating.},
  author={Ramzan Nazim Khan and Boris Martinac and Barry W. Madsen and Robin K. Milne and Geoffrey F. Yeo and Robert O. Edeson},
  journal={Mathematical biosciences},
  volume={193 2},
Patch clamp data from the large conductance mechanosensitive channel (MscL) in E. coli was studied with the aim of developing a strategy for statistical analysis based on hidden Markov models (HMMs) and determining the number of conductance levels of the channel, together with mean current, mean dwell time and equilibrium probability of occupancy for each level. The models incorporated state-dependent white noise and moving average adjustment for filtering, with maximum likelihood parameter… CONTINUE READING