Hidden BRS invariance in classical mechanics. II.

  title={Hidden BRS invariance in classical mechanics. II.},
  author={Gozzi and Reuter and Thacker},
  journal={Physical review. D, Particles and fields},
  volume={40 10},
  • Gozzi, Reuter, Thacker
  • Published 1989
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Physical review. D, Particles and fields
  • In this paper we develop a path-integral formulation of {ital classical} Hamiltonian dynamics, that means we give a functional-integral representation of {ital classical} transition probabilities. This is done by giving weight one'' to the classical paths and weight zero'' to all the others. With the help of anticommuting ghosts this measure can be rewritten as the exponential of a certain action {ital {tilde S}}. Associated with this path integral there is an operatorial formalism that turns… CONTINUE READING
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