Hickman catheter infections in patients with malignancies.

  title={Hickman catheter infections in patients with malignancies.},
  author={Oliver W Press and Paul G. Ramsey and Eric B. Larson and Alexander Fefer and Robert O. Hickman},
  volume={63 4},
The infectious complications associated with implantation of 1,088 Hickman catheters (HCs) in 992 patients reported in 18 published series are presented (including data on 129 previously unreported HCs from our own institution). HCs allow reliable long-term venous access (mean, 92.4 days) with low complication and infection rates (0.30 and 0.14 cases per 100 catheter days, respectively). Exit site infections were the most common form of infection encountered (45.5%), followed by septicemia… CONTINUE READING


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