Hibernoma: a report of 2 unusual cases with a review of the literature.

  title={Hibernoma: a report of 2 unusual cases with a review of the literature.},
  author={Subodh Lele and Satish Chundru and G. Chaljub and Patrick A. Adegboyega and Abida K. Haque},
  journal={Archives of pathology & laboratory medicine},
  volume={126 8},
Hibernomas are rare neoplasms composed of brown adipose tissue. The behavior of these neoplasms has been described as uniformly benign in humans. The only recurrence cited in the English literature involved a sarcoma with hibernoma-like features, which was reported in abstract form. We present 2 cases of hibernoma, one that continued to grow following partial excision and another at an unusual site (anterior abdominal wall). Both of these tumors overexpressed p53 protein by immunohistochemistry… CONTINUE READING

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