Hibernian Football Club: The Forgotten Irish?

  title={Hibernian Football Club: The Forgotten Irish?},
  author={John Kelly},
  journal={Sport in Society},
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The popular expression of the Irish sporting diaspora in Scotland has traditionally been closely associated with Celtic Football Club, despite Hibernian Football Club (Hibs), formed in 1875 by the Catholic Young Men's Society, being the first prominent Irish Catholic football club in Scotland. During Hibs’ history, with increasing assimilation into Edinburgh and Scottish society, there have been periods when the club's Irish Catholic ethos has been challenged, resulting in its identity having… Expand
Celtic FC’s 1967 Lisbon Lions: why the European Cup victory of the first club from Britain was a defining moment for the Irish diaspora in Scotland
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Without the Aid of a Sporting Safety Net: The Irish Emigre in San Francisco and the Gaelic Athletic Association (1888-c.1938)
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‘Without the Aid of a Sporting Safety Net?’: the Gaelic Athletic Association and the Irish Émigré in San Francisco (1888–c.1938)
This article builds on an emerging corpus of work that seeks to uncover the history and social, cultural and political significance of the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) in the United States.Expand
Addicted to Violence: A Network of Extreme Masculinity in Irvine Welsh’s Francis Begbie
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