Hibernation as a far-reaching program for the modulation of RNA transcription.

  title={Hibernation as a far-reaching program for the modulation of RNA transcription.},
  author={Manuela Malatesta and Marco Biggiogera and Beatrice Baldelli and Silvia Barabino and Terence E. Martin and Carlo Zancanaro},
  journal={Microscopy research and technique},
  volume={71 8},
In eukaryotic cells, pre-mRNAs undergo several transformation steps to generate mature mRNAs ready to be exported to the cytoplasm. The molecular and structural apparatus for mRNA production is generally able to promptly respond to variations of metabolic demands. Hibernating mammals, which periodically enter a hypometabolic state, represent an interesting physiological model to investigate the adaptive morpho-functional modifications of the pre-mRNA transcriptional and processing machinery… CONTINUE READING
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