Hezbollah’s Media

  title={Hezbollah’s Media},
  author={Olfa Lamloum},
  journal={Global Media and Communication},
  pages={353 - 367}
  • Olfa Lamloum
  • Published 1 December 2009
  • Political Science
  • Global Media and Communication
Since 1985, the Lebanese Hezbollah has developed a centralized communications apparatus which was a major instrument in building its leadership in the Shiite community. My contribution intends to explore the main media of this party as both cognitive and political resources for mobilization and as spaces for the involvement of its activists, sympathizers and cadres. In doing so, it revisits the social history of this political formation and examines its modes of organization and related… 
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Literature on Terrorism and the Media (including the Internet): an Extensive Bibliography
compiled and selected by Judith Tinnes  The supplementary bibliography can be downloaded from here


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