Hexametaphosphate cross-linked chitosan beads for the eco-efficient removal of organic dyes: Tackling water quality.

  title={Hexametaphosphate cross-linked chitosan beads for the eco-efficient removal of organic dyes: Tackling water quality.},
  author={Nirav P. Raval and Santanu Mukherjee and Nisha K. Shah and Petros Gikas and Manish Kumar},
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Advances in biopolymer composites and biomaterials for the removal of emerging contaminants

Abstract Domestic, agriculture, and industrial activities contaminate the waterbodies by releasing toxic substances and pathogens. Removal of pollutants from wastewater is critical to ensuring the

Effective mitigation of single-component and mixed textile dyes from aqueous media using recyclable graphene-based nanocomposite

The present study reported the synthesis and utilization of a graphene-based hybrid nanocomposite (MnFe2O4/G) to mitigate several synthetic dyes, including methylene blue, malachite green, crystal violet, and Rhodamine B, which may be beneficial for further practical water treatment.

Different TiO2 Phases (Degussa/Anatase) Modified Cross-Linked Chitosan Composite for the Removal of Reactive Red 4 Dye: Box–Behnken Design

The present work targets to develop the cross-linked chitosan composite with different TiO2 phases (Degussa/Anatase) to attain two adsorbents namely cross-linked chitosan-epichlorohydrin/TiO2-Degussa

Integration of biosorption operation with biorefinery and biofuel production processes in context of bioeconomy and zero-waste approaches: a pre-feasibility study on Nigella sativa L

  • F. Deniz
  • Engineering
    Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery
  • 2022
The biosorption potential of biowaste leftover from the fixed oil biorefinery process of Nigella sativa L. for the production of biofuel was first explored on the basis of concepts of bioeconomy and

Application of Novel Modified Chitosan Hydrogel Composite for the Efficient Removal of Eriochrome Black T and Methylene Blue Dyes from Aqueous Media

In this paper, chitosan/Fe 3 O 4 /graphene oxide hydrogel was synthesized then modified with 2,6-pyridinedicarbonyl dichloride to obtain a novel composite hydrogel. The modified hydrogel formed via

Application of biorefinery by-product of Nigella sativa L. herb for green treatment of synthetic dye impurity in aquatic environment: a circular economy based approach to water purification

  • F. Deniz
  • Engineering
    International journal of phytoremediation
  • 2022
Abstract In this work, the performance of residual biomass of Nigella sativa L. plant from the process of bio-oil production toward the green removal of synthetic dye pollution from aquatic medium

Adsorption of nitrophenol onto a novel Fe3O4-κ-carrageenan/MIL-125(Ti) composite: process optimization, isotherms, kinetics, and mechanism.

Water pollution is a dreadful affair that has incessantly aggravated, exposing our planet to danger. In particular, the persistent nitro aromatic compound like nitrophenols causes anxiety to the

Arsenic in drinking water: overview of removal strategies and role of chitosan biosorbent for its remediation

Accessibility to clean drinking water often remains a crucial task at times. Among other water pollutants, arsenic is considered a more lethal contaminant and has become a serious threat to human

Rational design and synthesis of chitosan–quinoa polysaccharide composite aerogel and its adsorption properties for Congo red and methylene blue

This study was performed to investigate the potential application of a chitosan (CS) and quinoa polysaccharide (QS) composite aerogel for the adsorption of dyes from water.



Remediation of Cd(II) and reactive red 195 dye in wastewater by nanosized gels of grafted carboxymethyl cellulose

AbstractIn this work, a fixed amount of acrylamide and different amounts of acrylic acid were grafted on carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) to get a nanosized gel with enhanced adsorption capacity.

Sorption of malachite green on chitosan bead.

Nanoparticles Loaded Biopolymer as Effective Adsorbent for Adsorptive Removal of Malachite Green from Aqueous Solution

In the present study, the biocompatible nanocomposite (nickel oxide nanoparticles loaded chitin beads (NiO NPs/CH)) was synthesized, characterized by using scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and