Hexameric ring structure of human MCM10 DNA replication factor.

  title={Hexameric ring structure of human MCM10 DNA replication factor.},
  author={Andrei L. Okorokov and Alastair C.W. Waugh and Julie Hodgkinson and Andal Murthy and Hye Kyung Hong and Elisabetta Leo and Michael P. Sherman and Kai Stoeber and Elena V Orlova and Gareth Haydn Williams},
  journal={EMBO reports},
  volume={8 10},
The DNA replication factor minichromosome maintenance 10 (MCM10) is a conserved, abundant nuclear protein crucial for origin firing. During the transition from pre-replicative complexes to pre-initiation complexes, MCM10 recruitment to replication origins is required to provide a physical link between the MCM2-7 complex DNA helicase and DNA polymerases. Here, we report the molecular structure of human MCM10 as determined by electron microscopy and single-particle analysis. The MCM10 molecule is… CONTINUE READING


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