Hexagonal Single Crystal Pattern from the Spore Coat of Bacillus subtilis

  title={Hexagonal Single Crystal Pattern from the Spore Coat of Bacillus subtilis},
  author={Y. Hiragi and K. Iijima and H. Kadota},
WE have already reported by chemical and X-ray diffraction investigations1,2 that the spore coat of Bacillus subtilis is composed of a keratin-like protein with a crystalline structure. This communication reports the results of an electron diffraction investigation designed to give further information on the structure of the spore coat. 
Structural and Genetic Analysis of X-Ray Scattering by Spores of Bacillus subtilis
ABSTRACT Dormant spores of Bacillus subtilis exhibit two prominent X-ray scattering peaks. These peaks persisted in spores lacking most α/β-type small, acid-soluble protein or the CotE proteinExpand
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Fiber-Structured Material in a Fraction of Bacillus subtilis
The paracrystal fractions of two species of Bacillus contain similarly structured fibrous material whose unit cell is hexagonal, with cell dimensions of a = 0.719 nm and c = 0.963 nm.
Paracrystalline Sheets Reaggregated from Solubilized Exosporium of Bacillus cereus
Fragments of exosporium, isolated from dormant spores of Bacillus cereus, were disintegrated by treatment with sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) or with phenol and acetic acid and gave rise to crystal-like sheets which had the same lattice symmetry and major chemical components as fragments of the native exospora. Expand
Growth, Sporulation, and Enzyme Defects of Glucosamine Mutants of Bacillus subtilis
Two glucosamine (GCA)-requiring mutants have been isolated which grow on glucose minimal or nutrient sporulation medium only in the presence of either GCA or acetyl-GCA, where GCA represses the onset of massive sporulation and a small amount of GCA-6-phosphate derivatives is necessary to allow sporulation. Expand


The composition of the spore coats of Bacillus megatherium, B. subtilis and B. cereus.
In the present study of the chemical composition of spore coats, these were obtained by mechanical disintegration, a method which has been used by a number of workers to obtain bacterial cell walls and the effect of various enzymes on it is described. Expand
Structure of Polyglycine II
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The Composition of the Spore Wall and the Wall of Vegetative Cells of Bacillus subtilis
The spore wall of Bacillus subtilis is composed largely of structural protein, in contrast to the peptide+amino sugar+sugar complex of the wall of vegetative cells, which has a high phosphorus content and contain appreciable amounts of a ribitol phosphate polymer. Expand
Results show that spore mucopeptide is mainly located in the residual cortex and cortical membrane and suggest that these structures consist essentially of mucopePTide, and the implications of these results in relation to the "contractile cortex" theory of heat resistance in spores are discussed. Expand
The structure of proteins; two hydrogen-bonded helical configurations of the polypeptide chain.
This work has used information about interatomic distances, bond angles, and other configurational parameters to construct two reasonable hydrogen-bonded helical configurations for the polypeptide chain; it is likely that these configurations constitute an important part of the structure of both fibrous and globular proteins, as well as of syntheticpolypeptides. Expand
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