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Heuristic key to Physics beyond the Standard Model:Modification of the QFTs so as to make their diagrams convergent

  title={Heuristic key to Physics beyond the Standard Model:Modification of the QFTs so as to make their diagrams convergent},
  author={Marijan Ribarivc and Luka vSuvstervsivc},
Motivation: We think that the physics of microscopic, small distance phenomena that underlie quantum scattering is the keystone of Physics beyond the Standard Model; and it may suggest cure for ultraviolet divergences, the crucial fault of QFTs. Objective : Modifications of the QFTs that regularize their diagrams by an adequate account of small-distance properties of the Universe; thereby providing a heuristic key to the underlying physics of QFTs. Method: A Lagrangian-based framework is used… 



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