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Heuristic and systematic information processing within and beyond the persuasion context.

  title={Heuristic and systematic information processing within and beyond the persuasion context.},
  author={Shelly Chaiken and Akiva M. Liberman and Alice H. Eagly},

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Shall I Google it or ask the competent villain down the hall? The moderating role of information need in information source selection
  • L. Lu, Y. C. Yuan
  • Psychology, Computer Science
    J. Assoc. Inf. Sci. Technol.
  • 2011
This research uses information need as a contingency factor to examine information seekers' simultaneous consideration of different attributes and found that individuals are more likely to choose relational over nonrelational sources as information need increases.
A Multiple-Motive Heuristic-Systematic Model for Examining How Users Process Android Data and Service Access Notifications
Android access notifications are presented to users to obtain permission to access data and services on smartphones. The number of 'unsafe' apps in the Android marketplaces underscores the importance
Experience, experts, statistics, or just science? Predictors and consequences of reliance on different evidence types during the COVID-19 infodemic
This work examined the predictors and consequences of US-dwelling Chinese’s reliance on four evidence types (i.e. scientific, statistical, experiential, and expert) regarding COVID-19 information and found discrete emotions varied in their influences on the use of evidence types, behaviors, and satisfaction.
Interactive effects of message framing and information content on carbon offsetting behaviors
The results reveal that a gain-framed messaging combined with objective climate change information and objective carbon offsetting information results in significantly more positive impacts on changes in purchase intention of carbon offsets products and increases willingness to pay for carbon offsets.
Contributing factors to increased susceptibility to social media phishing attacks
Background: The migration of phishing scams to social media platforms poses a serious information security threat to social media users. Users often remain unaware of the various phishing threats on
A Dual Process Model of Help-Seeking on Social Media Websites
The impacts of help-seeking (HS) on purchase decisions associated with social media websites (SMWs) are deemed powerful given the enormous popularity of social media and growth of social commerce.
Decision Analysis and Political Processes
The time is right for decision analysis to be more widely used in making societal decisions, however, to achieve that it needs to realise that in many circumstances it will only be one input to the political process that leads to the actual decision.
Processing contradictory brand information from advertising and social media: an application of the multiple-motive heuristic-systematic model
Abstract This study tested two major theoretical assumptions of the heuristic-systematic model – (1) concurrent information processing and (2) multiple processing motives – in a common advertising