Heun Functions and Some of Their Applications in Physics

  title={Heun Functions and Some of Their Applications in Physics},
  author={M. Hortaçsu},
  journal={Advances in High Energy Physics},
  • M. Hortaçsu
  • Published 3 January 2011
  • Physics, Mathematics
  • Advances in High Energy Physics
Most of the theoretical physics known today is described by using a small number of differential equations. For linear systems, different forms of the hypergeometric or the confluent hypergeometric equations often suffice to describe the system studied. These equations have power series solutions with simple relations between consecutive coefficients and/or can be represented in terms of simple integral transforms. If the problem is nonlinear, one often uses one form of the Painlevé equations… 


  • A. Ishkhanyan
  • Mathematics
    Journal of Applied Analysis & Computation
  • 2019
We present a simple systematic algorithm for construction of expansions of the solutions of ordinary differential equations with rational coefficients in terms of mathematical functions having

An application of the HeunB function

: How does the inclusion of the gravitational potential alter an otherwise exact quantum mechanical result? This question motivates this report, with the answer determined from an edited version of

Special functions emerging from symmetries of the space of solutions to special double confluent Heun equation

A family of quadruplets of interrelated functions holomorphic on the universal cover of the complex plane without zero (for brevity, -functions) distinguished by certain noteworthy properties is

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We consider three linear operators determining automorphisms of the solution space of a special double confluent Heun equation of positive integer order (L-operators). We propose a new method for

Closed-form solution of a general three-term recurrence relation: applications to Heun functions and social choice models

We derive a concise closed-form solution for a linear three-term recurrence relation. Such recurrence relations are very common in the quantitative sciences, and describe finite difference schemes,

On the solutions of linear Volterra equations of the second kind with sum kernels

This work considers a linear Volterra integral equation of the second kind with a sum kernel and gives the solution of the equation in terms of solutions of the separate equations with kernels, obtaining a novel series representation for the solution with improved convergence properties.

Orthogonal polynomials, asymptotics, and Heun equations

The Painleve equations arise from the study of Hankel determinants generated by moment matrices, whose weights are expressed as the product of ``classical" weights multiplied by suitable

Elementary integral series for Heun functions: Application to black-hole perturbation theory

Heun differential equations are the most general second order Fuchsian equations with four regular singularities. An explicit integral series representation of Heun functions involving only

A Lanczos-like method for non-autonomous linear ordinary differential equations

  • P. GiscardS. Pozza
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
    Bollettino dell'Unione Matematica Italiana
  • 2022
This paper explains how the Lanczos algorithm is built from a generalization of Krylov subspaces, and it proves crucial properties, such as the matching moment property, which is at the heart of much system dynamics, control theory, and model reduction problems.



Generalized spheroidal wave equation and limiting cases

We find sets of solutions to the generalized spheroidal wave equation (GSWE) or, equivalently, to the confluent Heun equation. Each set is constituted by three solutions, one given by a series of

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We find pairs of solutions to a differential equation which is obtained as a special limit of a generalized spheroidal wave equation (this is also known as confluent Heun equation). One solution in

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The Teukolsky master equation is the basic tool for the study of perturbations of the Kerr metric in linear approximation. It admits separation of variables, thus yielding the Teukolsky radial

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Although finding numerically the quasinormal modes of a nonrotating black hole is a well-studied question, the physics of the problem is often hidden behind complicated numerical procedures aimed at

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