Heterotrophic Fixation of CO2 in Soil

  title={Heterotrophic Fixation of CO2 in Soil},
  author={Hana {\vS}antrů{\vc}kov{\'a} and Michael I Bird and Dana Elhottov{\'a} and Jana Novak and Tom{\'a}{\vs} Picek and Miloslav {\vS}imek and Richard Tykva},
  journal={Microbial Ecology},
The occurrence of heterotrophic CO2 fixation by soil microorganisms was tested in several mineral soils differing in pH and two artificial soils (a mixture of silica sand, alfalfa powder, and nutrient medium inoculated with a soil suspension). Soils were incubated at ambient (∼0.05 vol%) and elevated (∼5 vol%) CO2 concentrations under aerobic conditions for up to 21 days. CO2 fixation was detected using either a technique for determining the natural abundance of 13C or by measuring the… CONTINUE READING