Heterotopic gastric (fundic) mucosa in the duodenum.

  title={Heterotopic gastric (fundic) mucosa in the duodenum.},
  author={G. Franzin and R Musola and Armando Negri and R. Mencarelli and A Fratton},
  volume={14 5},
Twenty cases of heterotopic fundic mucosa in the duodenum are reported. The patients had several small polyps ranging from one to three mm tightly grouped to form a plaque in a limited zone of the duodenal bulb. In some cases the polyps were separated from one another. They were round or conical and manifested a frosted-glass appearance with a pale-pink or redded coloration. In two cases a whitish solitary polyp of five mm was located in the 2nd part of the duodenum. Biopsies obtained from the… CONTINUE READING