Heterotic string theory on non‐Kähler manifolds with H‐flux and Gaugino condensate

  title={Heterotic string theory on non‐K{\"a}hler manifolds with H‐flux and Gaugino condensate},
  author={Gabriel Lopes Cardoso and Gottfried Curio and Gianguido Dall’Agata and Dieter L{\"u}st},
  journal={Fortschritte der Physik},
We discuss compactifications of heterotic string theory to four dimensions in the presence of H–fluxes, which deform the geometry of the internal manifold, and a gaugino condensate which breaks supersymmetry. We focus on the compensation of the two effects in order to obtain vacua with zero cosmological constant and we comment on the effective superpotential describing these vacua. 

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