Heterothallism in Cordyceps takaomontana.

  title={Heterothallism in Cordyceps takaomontana.},
  author={Eiji Yokoyama and Kenzo Yamagishi and Akira Hara},
  journal={FEMS microbiology letters},
  volume={250 1},
Perithecium formation of an entomopathogenic fungus Cordyceps takaomontana was promoted by treating the mycelia with cell wall-degrading enzymes and PEG 4000. Perithecia were formed in the mixed culture of both mating-type strains MAT1 and MAT2, and not in the culture of MAT1 or MAT2 alone. The MAT1 strains did not possess a mating-type gene MAT1-1-3, but could produce perithecia. These results strongly suggested that C. takaomontana is heterothallic, and does not need MAT1-1-3 for the… CONTINUE READING