Heterometallic polyhydride complexes containing yttrium hydrides with different Cp ligands: synthesis, structure, and hydrogen-uptake/release properties.


A new family of Y(4)/M(2) and Y(5)/M heterobimetallic rare-earth-metal/d-block-transition-metal-polyhydride complexes has been synthesized. The reactions of the tetranuclear yttrium-octahydride complex [{Cp''Y(μ-H)(2)}(4)(thf)(4)] (Cp'' = C(5)Me(4)H, 1-C(5)Me(4)H) with one equivalent of Group-6-metal-pentahydride complexes [Cp*M(PMe(3))H(5)] (M = Mo, W; Cp… (More)
DOI: 10.1002/chem.201203495

6 Figures and Tables


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