Heterometallic Cr-Mn complexes containing cyanide and oxalate bridges.


Three heterometallic Cr-Mn compounds, {Mn(mu-ox)0.5(H2O) [Cr(phen)(CN)4]}n.n H2O.2n CH3OH, (1), {Mn(mu-ox)0.5(H2O)[Cr(bpy)(CN)4]}n.2n H2O x n CH3OH, (2), and {Mn(mu-ox)0.5(bpy)[Cr(bpy)(CN)4]}n, (3) (ox = oxalate), containing cyanide and oxalate bridges based on building blocks [Cr(L)(CN)4]- (L = phen and 2,2'-bipyridine) have been prepared. A new approach… (More)


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