Heteromeric connexons formed by the lens connexins, connexin43 and connexin56.

  title={Heteromeric connexons formed by the lens connexins, connexin43 and connexin56.},
  author={Viviana M. Berthoud and Elisabeth A. Montegna and N S Atal and N H Aithal and Peter R. Brink and Eric C Beyer},
  journal={European journal of cell biology},
  volume={80 1},
In the eye lens, three connexins have been detected in epithelial cells and bow region/differentiating fiber cells, suggesting the possible formation of heteromeric gap junction channels. To study possible interactions between Cx56 and Cx43, we stably transfected a normal rat kidney cell line (NRK) that expresses Cx43 with Cx56 (NRK-Cx56). Similar to the lens, several bands of Cx56 corresponding to phosphorylated forms were detected by immunoblotting in NRK-Cx56 cells. Immunofluorescence… CONTINUE READING


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