Heteromeric AtKC1{middle dot}AKT1 channels in Arabidopsis roots facilitate growth under K+-limiting conditions.

  title={Heteromeric AtKC1\{middle dot\}AKT1 channels in Arabidopsis roots facilitate growth under K+-limiting conditions.},
  author={Dietmar Geiger and Dirk Becker and Daniel Vosloh and Franco Gambale and Klaus Palme and Marion Rehers and Uta Anschuetz and Ingo Dreyer and J{\"o}rg Kudla and Rainer Hedrich},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={284 32},
Plant growth and development is driven by osmotic processes. Potassium represents the major osmotically active cation in plants cells. The uptake of this inorganic osmolyte from the soil in Arabidopsis involves a root K(+) uptake module consisting of the two K(+) channel alpha-subunits, AKT1 and AtKC1. AKT1-mediated potassium absorption from K(+)-depleted soil was shown to depend on the calcium-sensing proteins CBL1/9 and their interacting kinase CIPK23. Here we show that upon activation by the… CONTINUE READING


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