Heterojunction PIN diode switch

  title={Heterojunction PIN diode switch},
  author={David R. Hoag and James J. Brogle and Timothy E. Boles and Daniel G. Curcio and Dale D. Russell},
  journal={IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium Digest, 2003},
  pages={255-258 vol.1}
This paper describes the development of a heterojunction AlGaAs/GaAs PIN diode as a replacement for the homojunction GaAs PIN diodes commonly used in microwave systems as a control element for commercial and military switch applications up through millimeter wave frequencies. In particular, a single heterojunction PIN diode, when simulated at a bias of 10 mA in a 50 ohm series configuration, indicates a potential reduction in insertion loss of 37% (Rs) with no degradation in isolation (Cj… CONTINUE READING


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