Heterogenous expression of antigenic markers on retinoblasts.


Using a large panel of monoclonal antibodies to antigenic determinants specific for photoreceptor outer segments (S-Ag), for cells of neural (Leu-7) bipolar and/or ganglion cell (A2B5), glial/astrocytic (LN-1) or Muller's cell (M.M.) and two polyclonal antibodies to S-Ag and S-100 protein, the authors studied the expression of these antigenic determinants… (More)


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@article{Benezra1987HeterogenousEO, title={Heterogenous expression of antigenic markers on retinoblasts.}, author={David Benezra and Chi-chao Chan and Genia Maftzir and Hannah BenBassat and Itzhak Hemo}, journal={Ophthalmic paediatrics and genetics}, year={1987}, volume={8 1}, pages={27-34} }