Heterogeneous endothelial cell structure along the porcine retinal microvasculature.

  title={Heterogeneous endothelial cell structure along the porcine retinal microvasculature.},
  author={Paula K. Yu and Dao-Yi Yu and Valerie A. Alder and Ulrich Seydel and E n Su and Stephen J. Cringle},
  journal={Experimental eye research},
  volume={65 3},
The pivotal role of the endothelial cell in the regulation of vascular tone has been well demonstrated in many vascular beds, including the retina. However, in the retina, little is known about how the structural elements of the endothelial cells are arranged along the arborisation pathway from artery to vein, the nature of which has been linked to functional heterogeneity in other vascular beds. The relative vulnerability of the retina to vascular based diseases, and the heavy reliance on… CONTINUE READING


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