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Heterogeneous download times in bandwidth-homogeneous BitTorrent swarms

  title={Heterogeneous download times in bandwidth-homogeneous BitTorrent swarms},
  author={Fabricio Murai and Antonio A. de A. Rocha and Daniel R. Figueiredo and Edmundo A. de Souza e Silva},
  • Fabricio Murai, Antonio A. de A. Rocha, +1 author Edmundo A. de Souza e Silva
  • Published 17 September 2021
  • Computer Science
  • ArXiv
Modeling and understanding BitTorrent (BT) dynamics is a recurrent research topic mainly due to its high complexity and tremendous practical efficiency. Over the years, different models have uncovered various phenomena exhibited by the system, many of which have direct impact on its performance. In this paper we identify and characterize a phenomenon that has not been previously observed: homogeneous peers (with respect to their upload capacities) experience heterogeneous download times. This… Expand


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