Heterogeneous chemistry and tropospheric ozone

  title={Heterogeneous chemistry and tropospheric ozone},
  author={D. Jacob},
  journal={Atmospheric Environment},
  • D. Jacob
  • Published 2000
  • Chemistry
  • Atmospheric Environment
  • Abstract Ozone is produced in the troposphere by gas-phase oxidation of hydrocarbons and CO catalyzed by hydrogen oxide radicals (HO x ≡OH+H+peroxy radicals) and nitrogen oxide radicals (NO x ≡NO+NO 2 ). Heterogeneous chemistry involving reactions in aerosol particles and cloud droplets may affect O 3 concentrations in a number of ways including production and loss of HO x and NO x , direct loss of O 3 , and production of halogen radicals. Current knowledge and hypotheses regarding these… CONTINUE READING
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