Heterogeneous aerobic benzene-degrading communities in oxygen-depleted groundwaters.

  title={Heterogeneous aerobic benzene-degrading communities in oxygen-depleted groundwaters.},
  author={Anne Fahy and Terry J McGenity and Kenneth N. Timmis and A. J. S. Ball},
  journal={FEMS microbiology ecology},
  volume={58 2},
A sandstone aquifer beneath a petrochemicals plant (SIReN site, UK) is heterogeneously contaminated with benzene and oxygen-depleted. Despite low redox potentials in three of the most contaminated groundwaters (benzene concentrations from 17.8 to 294 mg L(-1)), we observed aerobic benzene degradation in microcosms, indicating the presence in situ of a latent community of obligate aerobic microorganisms or an active community of facultative aerobes responding rapidly to oxygen ingress. Moreover… CONTINUE READING

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