Heterogeneous Multiscale FEM for Diffusion Problems on Rough Surfaces

  title={Heterogeneous Multiscale FEM for Diffusion Problems on Rough Surfaces},
  author={Assyr Abdulle and Christoph Schwab},
  journal={Multiscale Modeling & Simulation},
We present a finite element method for the numerical solution of diffusion problems on rough surfaces. The problem is transformed to an elliptic homogenization problem in a two dimensional parameter domain with a rapidly oscillating diffusion tensor and source term. The finite element method is based on the heterogeneous multiscale methods of E and Engquist [Commun. Math. Sci., 1 (2003), pp. 87–132]. For periodic surface roughness of scale ε and amplitude O(ε), the method converges at a robust… CONTINUE READING


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