Heterogeneous III-V on silicon nitride amplifiers and lasers via microtransfer printing

  title={Heterogeneous III-V on silicon nitride amplifiers and lasers via microtransfer printing},
  author={Camiel Op de Beeck and Bahawal Haq and Lukas Elsinger and Agnieszka M. Gocalinska and Emanuele Pelucchi and Brian Corbett and Gunther Roelkens and Bart Kuyken},
The development of ultralow-loss silicon-nitride-based waveguide platforms has enabled the realization of integrated optical filters with unprecedented performance. Such passive circuits, when combined with phase modulators and low-noise lasers, have the potential to improve the current state of the art of the most critical components in coherent communications, beam steering, and microwave photonics applications. However, the large refractive index difference between silicon nitride and common… 

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