Heterogeneity of the vasoconstrictor effect of vasopressin in septic shock.

  title={Heterogeneity of the vasoconstrictor effect of vasopressin in septic shock.},
  author={M B Malay and Jennifer L Ashton and Katherine Dahl and Edward Bruce Savage and Sherryl A Burchell and Robert C Ashton and Robert R. Sciacca and Juan A. Oliver and Donald W. Landry},
  journal={Critical care medicine},
  volume={32 6},
OBJECTIVE To determine whether pressor doses of vasopressin impair organ blood flow in endotoxic shock. DESIGN Graded doses of vasopressin or phenylephrine, starting at the clinically recommended doses for pressure support in septic shock, were intravenously infused during endotoxic shock. SETTING University hospital surgical research laboratory. SUBJECTS Twelve random-bred female Yorkshire pigs. INTERVENTIONS We measured mean arterial pressure, cardiac output, heart rate, pulmonary… CONTINUE READING


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