Heterogeneity of plasma von Willebrand factor multimers resulting from proteolysis of the constituent subunit.

  title={Heterogeneity of plasma von Willebrand factor multimers resulting from proteolysis of the constituent subunit.},
  author={Judith A. Dent and Miriam Galbusera and Zaverio M. Ruggeri},
  journal={The Journal of clinical investigation},
  volume={88 3},
In this report we demonstrate that proteolytic cleavage of the constituent subunit is one of the causes determining the heterogeneous size distribution of plasma von Willebrand factor (vWf) multimers. As shown by two-dimensional nonreduced/reduced agarose/polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, the structure of circulating vWf molecules may deviate from that represented by assemblage of a variable number of identical subunits. Indeed, even though the largest multimers in normal plasma appear to be… CONTINUE READING


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