Heterogeneity of mucin gene expression in normal and neoplastic tissues.

  title={Heterogeneity of mucin gene expression in normal and neoplastic tissues.},
  author={Samuel B. Ho and Gloria A. Niehans and Carolyn Lyftogt and Pearlly Yan and David L. Cherwitz and Elizabeth T. Gum and Rajvir Dahiya and Young Ju Kim},
  journal={Cancer research},
  volume={53 3},
To determine the relative expression of distinct mucin genes in normal and neoplastic tissue, antibodies and cDNA probes that recognize the core tandem repeat sequences of membrane-bound (MUC1) and secreted (MUC2 and MUC3) mucins were used for immunohistochemical and RNA Northern and slot-blot analysis. MUC1 mRNA was detected in all epithelial tissues tested. MUC1 core peptide, recognized by monoclonal antibodies 139H2 and DF3, was highly expressed on apical membranes of bronchus, breast… CONTINUE READING