Heterogeneity of left ventricular wall thickening mechanisms.

  title={Heterogeneity of left ventricular wall thickening mechanisms.},
  author={A. Y. Cheng and Tom C. Nguyen and Marcin Malinowski and George T. Daughters and D. C. Miller and Neil B. Ingels},
  volume={118 7},
BACKGROUND Myocardial fibers are grouped into lamina (or sheets) 3 to 4 cells thick. Fiber shortening produces systolic left ventricular (LV) wall thickening primarily by laminar extension, thickening, and shear, but the regional variability and transmural distribution of these 3 mechanisms are incompletely understood. METHODS AND RESULTS Nine sheep had transmural radiopaque markers inserted into the anterior basal and lateral equatorial LV. Four-dimensional marker dynamics were studied with… CONTINUE READING