Heterogeneity of intrapleural pressures during exercise.

  title={Heterogeneity of intrapleural pressures during exercise.},
  author={James H. Jones and Kara Cox and Toshiyuki Takahashi and Atsushi Hiraga and Thomas B. Yarbrough and B S John Pascoe},
  journal={Equine veterinary journal. Supplement},
We determined whether the caudodorsal region of the intrapleural space in exercising horses experiences larger pressure fluctuations than other regions and whether systematic phase-shifting of peak intrapleural pressures along the length of the thorax suggests the existence of locomotor-induced intrapleural pressure waves. We utilised percutaneous introducers and solid-state pressure-tip transducers implanted along the dorsal aspect of the thorax, mid-thorax or oesophagus to measure regional… CONTINUE READING