Heterogeneity of fibroblast response in host-tumor cell-cell interactions in metastatic tumors.


The spread and invasion of tumor cells into host tissues are associated with the release of elevated levels of collagenolytic activity of both host and tumor cell origins. However, the mechanisms of regulation of the enzyme activity is still unresolved. Histological examination of human and animal tumors revealed morphological changes in stromal fibroblasts and mast cells at the tumor periphery. Numerous mast cells appeared at microfoci along the tumor: host tissue junction and mast cell degranulation were associated with collagenolysis. In vitro studies, using rat mammary adenocarcinoma and human lung adenocarcinoma cells, showed that both tumor cells and host fibroblasts participate in matrix degradation. Tumor-associated stromal fibroblasts released higher levels of enzyme activity than normal fibroblasts and were more responsive to stimulation by tumor-conditioned media and soluble mast cell products. Host fibroblasts appear to be heterogeneous populations of responsive and nonresponsive subpopulations based on their response to tumor- or mast-cell-mediated stimulation of collagenase release. Fibroblast subpopulations were obtained by density fractionation of serum-deprived, synchronized confluent fibroblasts on discontinuous Percoll gradient. Density-fractionated fibroblast subpopulations differed in their response to stimulation by mast cell products and tumor-cell-conditioned media. The stimulatory activity of tumor-cell-conditioned media also varied as a function of the metastatic potential of the tumor cells. The data suggest that cellular interactions between tumor cells and select subpopulations of host fibroblasts at the tumor periphery play a key role in host tissue degradation. However, heterogeneity of stromal fibroblasts may determine the site and extent of the tissue damage at foci of tumor invasion.

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