Heteroduplex repair in extracts of human HeLa cells.

  title={Heteroduplex repair in extracts of human HeLa cells.},
  author={Duncan C Thomas and John David Roberts and T. A. Kunkel},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={266 6},
A general repair process for DNA heteroduplexes has been detected in HeLa cell extracts. Using a variety of M13mp2 DNA substrates containing single-base mismatches and extra nucleotides, extensive repair is observed after incubation with HeLa cell cytoplasmic extracts and subsequent transfection of bacterial cells with the treated DNA. Most, but not all, mispairs as well as two frameshift heteroduplexes are repaired efficiently. Parallel measurements of repair in HeLa extracts and in… CONTINUE READING

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